Monday, 13 August 2012

Attempting at creating structure and content.

So, it's been almost a month since my first blogpost and I appreciate the amount of views over the last few weeks. Though I'm still trying to figure out what direction this blog should go in, and what should I write about. I know its going to be a 'lifestyle' blog so I don't want to be pigon-holed into one particular interest. That being said, What should I write about?

'Shadow and his boul' by Audrey Atkinson

Should I write about my dog, Shadow? I don't want to end up being one of those crazy dog people who talks about their dog all the time...I've always loved animals, but I think I might be getting very close to being one of those crazy animal people... After all, I refer to Shadow as my little baby.

Should I write about my new-found cooking skills? Learning to cook has been practically a life-long learning curve for me. When I was a kid, the only things I really mastered was Bisquik pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches with Campbell's soup, Mac-and-Cheese pasta, and heating up a can of Spegetti-O's. No, I don't blame my parents for not teaching how to cook, in fact, my mom is pretty handy in the kitchen and my dad is the self-proclaimed 'grill master', a title of which one to my knowledge has tried to debate. I just don't think I ever really had an interest in cooking as a child, so therefore they never pushed me to try. By the time I reached my teenage years, I started working part-time in Pizzerias and/or Retail outlets straight after school, working as late as 10pm, and past midnight on weekends. Dinner was never too far away whether it was at work, at home, or at the local late night diner. College didn't change much either. I was either in school or working. But I did manage to learn a thing or two about Shepard's Pie, Spaghetti Bolognese, and a mean Irish fry-up. Now that I'm out of college and married,  I thought it was time I learn to cook. I have grown a hearty collection of fabulous cookbooks and finally figured out the key to making a half decent omelet, now if only I can master it to perfection, then I'll be the business.
'Spinach Omelet' By Audrey Atkinson  
I should also mention that I joined a weight loss program, so its even more crucial that I learn to cook healthy things if I want to reach my goal. I enjoy the 'Criss gets fit' blog, I subscribed to it via RSS feed.  I'm really inspired my this person, and though I don't really wish to blog about my own personal weight loss journey, I don't mind mentioning fitness and healthy eating from time to time. I'm sure there is plenty of good cookie and cake recipes out there, but I have to be good, especially if I am to fit in a lovely bridesmaid's dress by 2013.

Or perhaps I could write about my studio, and the work that is going on in there. Although my job search over the last few months has stifled my artistic motivation. It's funny how I used to complain about not having time to make art, but now that I have all the time in the world, I lack structure and discipline, and it's pulling me into a very depressing state of mind I'm desperately trying to crawl out of. Maybe if I incorporate my progress on my projects I can finally, well make progress!

Audrey's Studio
I find a lot of arty and crafty ideas on Pinterest and would like to try to incorporate that into my blog.

Speaking of job searching, I've been constantly trotting the job search trail since my course finished. Every CV and cover-letter  edited, analyzed, and tailored to each job application takes up a lot more time than you always think its going to take. But I think my perseverance might be making progress:

After one interview resulting in a rejection via text (how very unprofessional), I ended up with another four interviews in the space of a week! Two went down very well, and the other two I am still preparing for. Watch this space!

'Bookshelf' by Audrey Atkinson
There's a lot of interesting, or less interesting things, I could write about. I could write about all my likes and dislikes, my travels, my life, my husband, the evolution of my garden, etc.

Speaking of gardening, I was actually going to write a blog post about that as I have been doing some volunteer gardening and did a poly-tunnell workshop that I found very inspiring. Before I go blogging about my recent gardening away from my own home, I have to ask special permission first. This bummed me out at first, as I was really excited to have a solid second blogpost and was cut short, but I also think this buys some time to structure out what entries to do at what times of the year.

At first, I thought this could be a weekly blog. Now I think it might turn monthly, or maybe every fornight. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how I get on. I did manage to join Twitter last week in hopes to broaden my blog audience.

So, watch this space for Cooking, Gardening, Travel, Arts & Crafts, and maybe even some Doggie tales, without any that 'dear diary' kinda stuff.


  1. Great blog Audrey. I'd be the same about my gorgeous dog by the way. Totally empathise re the creative time versus drive too. Look forward to reading more.

  2. cheers, hopefully it will get more interesting as time goes on :)